10 reasons why investing into a Droplet is better than Bitcoin

Unless you have been living under a rock, you MUST have heard of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies. 2017’s hottest financial assets hit a major crash in early 2018. The upswings made some wealthier than they could have ever imagined, while latecomers to the party ended up much poorer than they bargained for. Investing is a risky and stressful game, especially within our digital day and age. That’s why we want to speak to you about another investing option. Something more tangible than Cryptos. Much more secure, steady, and reliable than the NASDAQ and the TSX combined. And the best part is, your heart rate and blood pressure will lower down each time you use it. Here are 10 reasons why you really should invest into DROPLET.

DROPLET – Designed to keep you dreaming.

1: DROPLET retains its value from year to year, Monday through Sunday. It is a tangible asset built to last, cleverly designed and engineered in Vancouver, Canada.

2: Owners of DROPLET can rent or share their teardrop through our web platform, thus ensuring that their mini camper gets a fair usage throughout the year, all while accumulating stress-free, passive earnings.

3: More efficient than any gateway drug, DROPLET opens the door to the ultimate freedom: travelling.

4: Owners and renters of DROPLET who really love our product can also earn further regular income through direct referrals.

5: Buying into DROPLET is investing into a community dream. Part of our mission statement is to invest 10% of our company profits into creating and maintaining FREE campgrounds for DROPLET owners and renters, with the dream of rallying Coast to Coast in North America one day.

6: Wise investors prioritize their health and happiness. Everybody can benefit from towing a comfortable resting pod behind their cars. Why not you?

7: SAVE ON GAS. You get your own privacy, the luxury of a queen sized bed at night, generous windows over the world, and a compact kitchen towable by most cars, without the financial burden of fuel guzzlers like standard RVs or trucks with a larger trailer.

8: BE RICH of friendships and adventures. Your friends will all be chomping at the bits to hear about your new travel stories with your beautiful Droplet. Let’s be real. Any camping adventure makes for a much better story than Crypto currencies.

9: TIME. The most precious aspect of life is your time. However you spend it is up to you. We can tell you one thing: we sure love to get out of the city and spend our time exploring the outdoors.

10: Invest into yourself. Make memories. Often. That camping trip in California you always dreamed about? Check. Wake up by the beach in Oregon? Check. Road trip through the Canadian Rockies? Check.

If you are ready to make the step, get in touch with us, and we promise this could be the best, happiest, and most rewarding investment of your life (yes we really think so!).

DROPLET – Caution: your best adventures await ahead.

Happy camping,

The Team @ Droplet.

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