DROPLET’s Going on Tour (Vancouver to Redding, California)
We are excited to announce that the DROPLET is going on tour! On March 8th, our CEO, Pascal will set out from Vancouver down to Redding, California. He will he heading down the I-5 on the 8th, and will be back in Vancouver on the 11th. We would love to stop in your city or town so that you can view the DROPLET teardrop trailer! If you are on the way, we are very open to setting up a meeting! Reach out to Pascal (pascal@droplet-trailer.ca) to make sure that he stops to meet up with you on his road trip! [...]
What to Expect: Ordering your DROPLET
Firstly, we'd like to thank you for considering DROPLET for your camping needs. This blog post is here to answer any questions you might have and to paint a picture of what you can expect before and after you place your order. After I order, when will my DROPLET arrive? The whole process takes around two months, from the purchase of the material to the production. The delivery will occur based on when you place your order and your number in line. How much does it cost to ship the DROPLET? We can only provide loose estimations, use the guide [...]
DROPLET, a Year in Review
With the fast approach of our official launch, we thought we would give you a detailed review of what it's like to camp in a DROPLET teardrop camping trailer. Our team at DROPLET has been renting out our prototype in the Vancouver area for the last year. This has given us the opportunity to gain meaningful insight and feedback into what the user experience is like. In addition, it has validated the design of our teardrop trailer. We learned that many users loved the: Large doors for easy exit and entrance Spanning windows that help campers engage with their natural [...]
Get Ready, Here Comes the DROPLET…
We are now about a week away from the launch of our pre-sale campaign and have been counting down the days until all of you have the opportunity to purchase a DROPLET teardrop camping trailer! The DROPLET supporters who purchase at this time will have their trailers in time for the upcoming camping season! We cannot wait to hear about the incredible adventures you plan on having with your new DROPLET camping trailer! We have spoken to many of you who are planning to purchase one of our teardrops during the pre-sale campaign and it is incredibility exciting to hear [...]
A Message from DROPLET’s CEO
[Words from Pascal, CEO of Droplet ] With the fast-approaching release of the first DROPLET camping trailers, I am overwhelmed with excitement at the prospect of growing the DROPLET community. I can’t wait for the first supporters of DROPLET to be camping in their very own teardrop camping trailers this upcoming camping season. Being a dreamer at heart, I am already thinking of the future and what it has to hold. One of my biggest dreams is to have a connected network of free campsites in the U.S.A and Canada for DROPLET owners and renters. When I first started dreaming [...]
The Importance of Supporting Startups
We would like to thank every one of our early supporters.  The constant support and encouragement has truly touched the DROPLET team! With the fast approaching release of our first DROPLET teardrop camping trailers, we wanted to highlight the benefits of supporting startup companies. Our journey to this point began back in 2016 when the very first DROPLET trailer was being created. Today, we look forward to giving others the opportunity to have their very own DROPLET teardrop camping trailer. Entrepreneurship is not the easiest path to travel, but with all of the support the DROPLET team has received, we are [...]
Pre-Order your DROPLET on March 4th!
We are about two weeks from the start of our pre-sale campaign, and we couldn’t be more excited! Once this campaign goes live you will have the opportunity to join the DROPLET community. This will be the only opportunity to get a DROPLET at a discounted rate. The team at DROPLET cannot wait to offer this reward to our early supporters. Why are we pre-selling? We are pre-selling DROPLET trailers for a limited amount of time to help us fund production on a larger scale. When you buy a DROPLET during our pre-sale campaign, not only will you be purchasing [...]
How it’s Made – The DROPLET
The first DROPLET was constructed in Langley, British Columbia, Canada. The founder of the company, Pascal and his partner Diane worked tirelessly on their weekends to bring the vision of the perfect teardrop camping trailer to life. Pascal and Diane are proud to say that the DROPLET will continue to be made in Canada. We hope to have manufactures on all continents to supply all of you with access to your very own DROPLET, in fact, we are already putting in the pieces into place to manufacture the DROPLET in Australia to serve our australian market! Our DROPLET team refuses to compromise on [...]
Buy it, Rent it, Share it
When we first created DROPLET, the goal wasn't limited to designing a great camper trailer for ourselves. We wanted to build a sense of community and connection around it. That's why we put ours to rent on various public web platforms last summer. The pilot program was so successful that we decided to grow our DROPLET rental fleet for 2018, out of our headquarter in Vancouver BC. DROPLET is so easy to tow, and it adapts to just almost any vehicle equipped with a 2" hitch. Almost anyone with a bit of training can do it. That's why we are creating [...]
Staff Pick: Favourite Camping Destination in U.S.
At DROPLET, we hope you are excited about the upcoming camping season as we are! If you have yet to begin planning your get-away, maybe you will get some inspiration here. Here are some highlights of Olympic National Park in Washington. Olympic National Park offers: Million acres of natural land Stunning natural views Several distinctly different ecosystems, including glacier-capped mountains, old growth forests temperate rain forests, and 70 miles of coastline. Countless outdoor activities, including, boating, fishing, tide-pooling, hiking, backpacking, wildlife viewing,  and star gazing - and of course, CAMPING!   Where can you take your DROPLET in Olympic National Park? Elwha Campground Fairholme Campground [...]