DROPLET - Teardrop camping trailer rental program
Not sure if you are ready to buy your own DROPLET? Rent one from us first! If you decide to purchase a Droplet within 12 months of your rental, we are happy to put your rent money towards your purchase! Cost of rental starts at 79CAD per night (more info on our partner sites below)

Note: to rent a Droplet, your vehicle must be equipped with a 1-7/8`` ball hitch. For an optimal road behavior, the hitch height needs to be set 16``, with +-2`` of tolerance. You will also need a simple 4Pin flat connector, in order for the trailer lights to work in sync with your car.

Do you own a Droplet trailer and want to rent your droplet out when you're not using it? Click below to learn more about becoming a collaborator!

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DROPLET - Teardrop camping trailer rental program
You can also book a DROPLET camping trailers for your next vacation with confidence through our various partners listed here:
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